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See below for original pics

Work needed at 15 Midholm HA9 9LJ

Work outstanding

Build a concrete base, and fit a shed. The current base is 2m x 1.6m, but the new base might as well be larger

The stumps are being ground on Tuesday

So once the shed is gone,  and the tree stump has been removed, I need a new concrete base, and I need to get a new shed and get that erected.

And there’s a section of fence which needs to be replaced

After all that there is some decorating needed in the house.

Original pics

The tree on the other side was pushed over

the shed was crushed: 

the roots of the main tree have been pulled up, which would make it hard to plant a replacement tree: under the conservation area rules all removed trees have to be replaced.

There's a dead pear tree next to it which needs to come down, and  a dead Leylandii on the other side of the garden