Androcles Consultants is a dynamic and innovative London based MAC consulting firm operated by a Andrew Daws providing customers with outstanding MAC IT program management, technical support, logistical, and executive level support, while maximizing innovation and cost reduction for individuals and business.


The main thing most people need, apart from crisis management, is an idea of what the computer can do: is it just an email machine that needs to behave better, or can we also set up iPods/iPhones/iPads etc, what about broadband, decent email services, what about video editing etc etc.

Here are some specific tasks that I do regularly

  • “Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring”. Digging people out of holes when their machines go belly up, hard drives fail, screens go dead etc. I’m not an Apple Authorised Repair Centre so I don’t do warranty work, but I can deal with them for you, and I can do non-warranty work (bigger hard disks, RAM etc.
  • Advise on, and if required supply, all hardware and software (computers, printers, scanners, routers etc)
  • Update all operating systems and programs, and update hardware (memory, drives etc). Set up automatic updating.
  • Establish safety routines. Backup, both to local drives and over the internet, anti-virus and other malware protection
  • Set up email, domains, websites
  • Use remote access software to troubleshoot the majority of problems.
  • Set up phones
  • Set up all necessary software to keep calendars, contacts, email etc accessible wherever needed. Synchronise machines in different locations.
  • Set up custom databases.


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