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An individual: how it’s easy to settle for a simple life if you don’t know any better

I’m far too discreet to mention his name, as he is very high profile.

When he called me in, he had A Mac.

He now has 5 Macs (one each for himself and his wife, in his London and Paris homes, and one MacBook Air for travelling).

He has an iPhone and a MobileMe account to keep all his contacts, calendar and email synchronised across all locations. They have his and hers iPods for listening to music in transit (with the same music on each). They have digital cameras but have shown remarkably little interest, being predominantly verbal in outlook.

He is a Silver Surfer, but you would never know from his energy levels.

I support a number of individuals, the majority of whom have only one machine (and keep it that way). He is just the most interesting.

So I helped them to outgrow me. Again. There’s a pattern emerging here.

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